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X-Ray Technician Salary

What can I expect for an X-Ray Technician Salary?

So you are looking to see what you could (or should!) be making as far as an X-Ray Technician Salary. The good news for you is that after 2012, the X-Ray technology or radiologic technologists sector is expected to grow at a rate of 18% or more compared to the national average rate! This is going to be vital to meet the health needs of the aging population of America, and the rest of the baby boomers everywhere.

You'll be able to expect average salaries of all people in the X-Ray Technician and Radiology fields to increase, with an even larger average salary for those with certification and proper training for the job.

In general, there is a worldwide need for experienced X-Ray technicians, and that need is definitely on the rise. This means that your salary, as well as your benefit packages will definitely increase!  Companies will most certainly provide far more as far as bonuses and higher salaries in order to keep a qualified X-Ray Technician or radiographer working for them.

For up to the recent X-Ray Technician Salary specs, see the below charts. These charts will tell you the average hourly wage of an X-Ray Technician as well as the annual X-Ray Tecnician Salary you can expect in the United States, as well as Canada.



More than 60% of X-Ray technicians are usually employed in hospitals, but there are many other locations where these technicians can work.

The places where X-Ray Techs can work can vary greatly. Some examples would be places such as medical clinics, dentist’s office and assisted-living homes.

Compared to other careers, Radiographers careers have a very fast growth rate because of the fact that more health care, especially in the diagnostic imaging sectors, is required due to the growth of the elderly population.

So What is The Average X-Ray Technician Salary?

Within today’s market, the approximate salary for qualified X-Ray Technicians is anywhere from around $35,000 to $55,000 USD.

As with any other career path, the more schooling a person completes, the more income he or she will expect to receive starting out. Also, it's widely know that X-Ray Technicians get paid more at larger institutions than smaller practice centers.

The location of the job will also have an impact on precisely how much salary an X-Ray Technician can see yearly. This usually means fluctuations in salary dependant on both geographic and physical office placement. Not to mention whether you'll be working for a significant medical facility, small healthcare office or even out of a small clinic.

One other factor which affects salary will be how many years you have been working as a X-Ray Technician. As with most fields in any job, the more experience a person has, the more they are sought after, and their salary will probably reflect this. This is certainly not always the situation however! It all boils down to supply and demand along with the economy. As with just about any job, there are many elements that play roles in an X-Ray Technicians job security, and salary.

Opportunities for Development

X-Ray technicians have options of specializing in various streams like CT scanning, MRI, mammography and bone densitometry to open doors for more opportunities. X-Ray technicians can also make progress through some trainings and certifications.

Radiologic Technologists can also make their career in the supervisory and management fields by gaining work experience or by doing MBA or MHA to advance their knowledge. There are also many technicians who make their career more promising by working with some medical equipment companies.

Some radiologic technologists move towards the teaching line in radiologic technology. Experienced X-Ray Technicians give consultations or work on contract basis. Some work on the part time basis while some work full time.

Usually consulting or contracting on an hourly basis increase your salary and puts more money in your pocket!

Your X-Ray Technician Salary Includes Benefits and Perks

Most people don't factor this in! The total X-Ray Technician salary is actually increased by an average 30% when you factor in all the perks such as health care, paid time off, educational compensation, sick days, pension plans, insurance, taxes and bonus, etc. This can really add up, and it's worth thinking this over when looking at a potential employer. Some annual salaries will be increased quite a bit when you factor all the perks in!

X-Ray Technician Salary Negotiation Tips

You want to make more already!?

Well, usually it’s not easy to negotiate on salary in a technician job. Most of the renowned institutions like hospitals, government health agencies, or private companies have already set up their salary range for their technicians, and have a very small scope for increasing the salary.

You can’t expect that you can get the salary increase you demand right off the bat. In general you will have to initially agree with the salary package that the institute offers you.  Playing ball with them at this stage will increase your chance of receiving your salary promotion down the road when you ask for it.

The X-Ray technician salary can be negotiated if the tech has some other options. The X-Ray Tech can give interviews at different hospitals, private practices, federal/state/local government health agencies, universities, and private companies. Any budding X-Ray Tech can even get information about different companies’ salary packages from AOL Jobs Salary Center or from some other recruitment firms. This will help any Tech to get the higher salary package that the want!

You've made a Good Choice!

The great news is that the typical X-Ray Technician salary is expected to rise in the coming months and years along with its demand, consequently making the professional field of an X-Ray technician a very good choice for anyone!

Thanks for reading this salary information, I hope that it's helped with your decision in pursuing the career of X-Ray Technician!